The Murfree Brood – Red Dead Redemption 2


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The Murfree Brood – Red Dead Redemption 2

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Comment (27)

  1. There's nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like putting down a Murfree Brood camp. I take my time with the Murfrees, savoring each kill. I will go as far as saying that without the Murfrees Brood, Arthur wouldn't be the inventive killer that he has evolved into in my game. All I can say further is woe to the Murfrees Brood that happens upon Arthur in my game.

  2. I free-explored into Brood territory long before story gets there ( and gives any hint about them). Set up camp to rest and craft and two of them interrupted my camp to threaten me (it freaked me out…didn't even know NPCs could do that). I immediately packed up and went South.

  3. 12:06 first time that happened to me it freaked me out, and i got outta there. second time i went after them. let's just say they can't do it again 🙂
    16:30 when i come across such a camp, i waste no time killing the 2 in the camp and the 2 that turn up later. by now the body count is somewhere around 570 murfrees, plus about 670 o'driscolls and lemoyne raiders.

  4. one time I was playing and I was going to go see the man-made mutant so I can write it off on my map but I did not want to go during the day because I thought something might happen while I was camping near there they came up to me right when they left I antagonized them and shot two bow and arrows into their heads and one of them still survived so I just stabbed him and then I just threw their dead bodies and through them into a fire I think I actually one time I came past them for the sick guy I killed everyone but they kept coming back because I kept waiting for them and then some bounty hunters came back but it was a small group so I just killed them all and I spent around 10 minutes just looting everybody I ended up making quite a bit of money around 50 bucks and one time for just protecting a guy in St Denise from two people who were trying to rob him he gave me 12 bucks and our time when there is a bunch of rats and this guy's bar I killed them all I got another 12 bucks and I got a cigarette card have to say say Denise when you first go there the random encounters you'll usually get a lot of money instead of just honor

  5. When I first played the game, I explored a lot. At horseshoe overlook I had always wondered what was beyond grizzlies east so I went past there and found beaver hollow while exploring Roanoke ridge. I killed every one one of em.

  6. i honestly hate the Murfrees. i always killl them cause that means less killing and innocent people dying. i also hate how they ambush you but if you kill almost all of them they pussy out and run. its embarrassing lol makes them look weak


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