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  1. it would be nice if there was a realistic competitor for GT. no tire wear, fake steering feel, no penalties for ramming. I really wish they would make motorsport the microsoft equal of GT. only reason why I want a PS5 is because all other racing games just arent realistic feeling with penalty system to get rid of bad players like GT does while not sacrificing graphics like Rally 2.0 and iRacing.

  2. The best part about Forza 7's cars is that you don't have to do any bullshit to buy them. The amount of cars in Horizon locked behind the stupid slot machines and season events is insane, especially considering how many of them are pretty standard cars. You can't actually buy any Toyotas in Horizon, you need to do the season events, but since I missed those I assume I'm screwed out of them forever.

  3. I have been asking these questions since Forza Horizon 1 and even the new iterations of each Forza game. They seem to lose so many things between games for reasons I don't understand. Forza Horizon uses the driving model and physics from Motorsport, but then some has changed within it as well.

    They really should be sharing everything between the two games. That gives them both teams to build their specific game, but two whole teams acting as one for all the car stuff. Why if you are working within the same universe would you split it up. They are both driving games, share as much between you as you can. It also allows to more easily delegate tasks amongst the teams.

  4. it would be nice if Forza8 could become a bit more multiplayer focused and competitive with all neccessary tools to make serious racing without crashers etc … also when it comes to crashes it would be nice to see some major improvements in that department, it would be nice to see much better damage system, it just adds to immersion of the game, when youre driving in invincible car that can bounce of a barrier at 100kmh you probably feel Safe all the time and do some dumb shit, but when your car is vulnerable your drive style changes immidiately and it changes for better in my opinion, and it would be a nice addition to a new Forza cause they always had practially no damage system what so ever, maybe some mediocre visuals and thats all

  5. Are there some online servers that for example do something like Track Days in real life? Just a track and normal cars riding on it, like you can see on Nurburgring … assetto corsa had servers lke this, Nurburgring, free riding, different cars and classes, not too many because AC didnt have that many cars and customization, also servers had some limitations, but it was fun, driving around with some people in different cars, track is pretty demanding and sometimes you could have some nice train of cars trying to keep up with eachother … i wonder if in Forza7 there is something similar because it is a better game than AC, it has a lot more possiblities when it comes to cars, sounds, customization … there could be a server with a 50 or 100 people on Nurburgring and there could be really a lot of different cars, unique ones, some custom BMWs with spoilers and tuned engines ….


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