this is.. BLACK OPS COLD WAR SNIPING!! (new sniper gameplay)

IT’S FINALLY HERE!! NEW Cold War Sniping Gameplay.. enjoy 🙂
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this is.. BLACK OPS COLD WAR SNIPING!! (new sniper gameplay)

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  1. This has been a great series and I’ve been loving it for year however maybe there a chance you could do a road to dark matter however this is tough and a long grind which make us understand if you didn’t want to see this

  2. If you ask me they should make the damage a bit better. I mean seriously you shouldn’t get hit markers with snipers. But than again I actually like using snipers as a sniper and hitting those long shots

  3. Ok. The game looks so smooth in this video. Must be on the ps5? Cause when I play it on the ps4 I can count the frames per second by hand…


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