This Is the Only Way to Truly Learn JavaScript

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This Is the Only Way to Truly Learn JavaScript

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  1. I thought I was intelligent until trying to learn coding, I repeat and repeat even the most simple classes and I don't understand neither learn a single thing 😭😭😭

  2. imo, you can learn a framework so you get a high-level understanding of how front-end web development works and you can actually get a job only with this kind of knowledge.

    However, if you are aiming for becoming a really good developer (Senior level, front-end architect, etc), you have to know the low-level stuff. You have to be able to optimize code, you have to be able to understand the basics. Understanding the basics makes you also a very good mentor for younger developers.

  3. I think it’s really about practicing enough for me. Vanilla JS is difficult for me with only using it about a month. JQuery makes it easier but I believe repetition will help me over time. Thank god for MDN and stackoverflow

  4. Come on dude.. Don't tell people to learn from mdn docs when u link to your courses in the first pinned comment! That's just a hair short of disingenuous..


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