This Made Me Stop Playing Mortal Kombat 11 For A Week… – Mortal Kombat 11: Random Character Select

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  1. 16:54 yea, is not just frost, when i jump over scorpions fatal, he still gets me when im behind, and geras, and sub zero, and jax. The hitboxes are a big problem with this game, number one problem is the lag, I noticed that i lag when im not even playing online players!! im so close to leaving this game. I love fighting games, but injustice 2 is pretty much dead. This would be one of the first games i have bought, liked for a bit and walked out on. SOO CLOSE TO DOING SO

  2. I'm seriously thinking of refunding the game and get Tekken 7 or something
    It doesn't captivate me enough, it's so unbalanced and just poorly programmed, its not funny at all
    I mean, I'm always nervous when I play online but I still have fun but not with this game, Kombat League makes me toxic and I don't like it at all because I never am at fighting games and that's why its one of my favourite game genres but man, this game always finds a way to tilt you out (like with toxic players or the game itself which is basically half baked)

  3. U k wat so annoying when u do a mid or low and the opponent grab takes priority and they still grab u like wat the hell are these grab hitbox u can be a whole character length away and still get grab like come on nrs really

  4. Fullscreen fatal blows shoulda never happened and if you whiff or get your fb blocked it should go away its free easy damage i literally got a win one time cuz i got salty dropped my joystick thinking i lost the match and fatal blow mashed out and snuck the win lmao


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