This Seems Rushed… – GeForce RTX Review

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  1. this card is shit. ive had 3 in the last year, and every one has crapped out. from what im seeing in my research its most likely the Micron memory in them, as only Micron and Samsung make it for them. there are no reports of the ones with Samsung having problems.

  2. maybe its just bcuz game development sees it the same way there are many new games that don't even support HDR. They are like RT hmmm performance….. nope not on my game im good LOL

  3. Hey Linus I just got a rtx 2060 sc ultra from evga and when I play games It power and voltage limits putting the performance down to my old 1660 super. I don't know what to do I've tried older drivers, raising the voltage in msi afterburner, and clean wipe the drivers and install them again nothing works.

    My pc
    Ryzen 5 2600
    2060 sc ultra
    Aorus b450 pro wifi
    DDR4 3000 mhz
    600watt psu

  4. So basically the RTX series is a little early and dropping $1200 on a 2080 TI at this point is a bit of a waste considering hardly any games feature ray tracing. Lets be honest tho this isn't really an issue if you have money as this card is still kick ass and future proofs your rig. We'll start seeing ray tracing in 2020 and by 2021 every ones going to want it. So ye buying a 2080TI in mid 2019 is a little early but that's up the consumer to decide

  5. me here planning on buying 2070 (or probably 3070 if im patient enough to wait) just for the of more FPS playing games, and most of my game i turn the graphics on low settings, cuz i barely care about graphic details :V

  6. Turned out after all the bug fixes the RTX 2080ti turned out to be the best behemoth monster ever and the rtx works very well and way better then day 1 launch. Now RTX 3000 series rumors are out and I'm readying for the true 4k killer.


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