Top 10 Longest Stunt Jumps in GTA 5 History! (From 2013-2021)

In this video I’m showing you the TOP 10 LONGEST STUNT JUMPS IN THE WHOLE GTA 5 HISTORY from 2013 until 2021. All stunts have been performed without using any mods/cheats/hacks. Only the « gliding-glitch » has been used.

►🎬❗ Wanna learn how to perform such crazy stunts too? Then check out my Gliding Tutorial video here:

► Stunters:

– Priz:
– Hagol:
– Honor:
– Shadow:
– Dark:
– Jens:
– Mafia Stunting:


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Top 10 Longest Stunt Jumps in GTA 5 History! (From 2013-2021)

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Comment (41)

  1. First 2 already used same method. Pulling back on handlebars on a motorcycle and gliding through the air with no physics……(edit, scrolled through all 10 in ten seconds, all are the same method with different spots

  2. Hey Yellok. Great video I'm glad to see someone honouring the GTA 5 stunting community with so much passion as you do, paying homage to initial founders of stunts and all. However, Absolute, (AbsoluteStunts) from Revolution Stunting also found a way to achieve an infinite glide unlike the two methods shown in place #1 using only a double bump in which the stunt was featured in Revolution Stunting's teamtage: 'Viva La Revolution' [timestamp 10:32] (I was actually in a skype call with him as he was hitting it so I can confirm the stunt was performed legit without any mods and/or otherwise.) I know this video is a couple months old but I just happened to watch it and thought I should let you know that the #1 spot in the video should have been a three-way tie. Of course, no hate or disrespect to you man as it's a great video nonetheless, Cheers.
    – Noot

  3. I'm definetly don't like all that bump before land somethings, need to be mastered, isn't a things for a new stunter but with practice you are able to aim what you want from almost anywhere.


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