Top 20 MUST KNOW Beginner Tips in GTA Online

These 20 tips will help you become an expert in GTA Online quickly! From money making methods to weapons to gameplay tips, hopefully you can use these to make the game a lot more fun!

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Top 20 MUST KNOW Beginner Tips in GTA Online

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  1. the casino is a good place to get stuff if your country has access to it and sadly mine doesnt at least the country i set my ps4 to doesnt because i cant set what country im actually in my ps4 T^T

  2. Good tip to not go picking fights. I had a level 30 shoot me in the back last night when I was going from my apartment to my ceo office. So I jumped in my nightshark chased him around and killed him over and over.

  3. if u see a certain flying bike then immediately get out of your vehicle the oppresser mk2 cannot lock on to u if u r not in a vehicle. EDIT: then run as fast as u fuckin can

  4. I started off the game with a lucky 4 mill, but the first stuff I baught was super cars and a expensive home. I fully regret having useless super cars, and I recommend only getting those cars when you have money to throw away. I guess I have a bmw and 10k in my bank now. :/

  5. Inviting the player to the flat is annoying; Rockstar should add an option "Yes/No" because if a guy invites you, You will be teleported to the flat. This happened to me, a guy invites everyone to the flat then kick us all out. Then We were trapped in the jail kind of thing. He just fires rockets at us. It's just annoying to find a new session:/

  6. It's true that it's very toxic to fight back and spawnkill for 10 minutes but it's also toxic to kill people who are minding their business for no reason (unless they have a bounty or business battle cargo)


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