True Story Behind the Meteorites (Red Dead Redemption 2)

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A video about how Red Dead Redemption 2’s meteorites and Marko Dragic connect to the Tunguska Event.

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True Story Behind the Meteorites (Red Dead Redemption 2)

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Comment (41)

  1. The first two meteorites are based on real life events. You can find a list of meteor impact injuries and deaths at a site called Bradford Delong. The list shows 3 events that take place in the same time period as the game. The Tunguska Event on 6/30/1908, a man sitting on a porch at a trading post in Siberia witnessed the event. On 9/5/1907, an entire family in Weng Li, China was crushed by a meteorite. The third event in the time period would be on 3/11/1897, in West Virginia, a meteorite pierced a wall, killed a horse, and injured a man. Im still researching so I'll come update if I make any good connections

  2. I’d like to think that the third meteorite is within the game somewhere and not cut content. However working along that line of thought, I think that it lies somewhere outside of the boundary of the map.

  3. Imagine going out on your own with your bros and everything is good. You are extra careful to be safe and watch out for animals and marauders.

    Only to die from a meteorite impact

  4. I have seen in at least one other video where you dug into the code and identified objects that were collectable. Could you do the same as there has been mention of a 3rd piece of the meteorite. Does it exist at all in the code?

  5. When I played this on PS4 I overheard two women in valentine talking about an object (think it was turned into jewellery) that had been recovered from Moonstone pond. I overheard this conversation on two separate playthroughs but didn't think anything of it at the time as it was before I'd found any of the other meteorites. I expect that you'd need to rob that person to get it. Unfortunately I've not come across this conversation in Valentine since then.

  6. As always, when I need some infos about rdr2 mysteries I only got concrete answers from StrangeMan. The best. About third meteorites, some dataminers spawned it and it seems to be a part of a necklace. Where to find it? No idea.

  7. Actually the Roanoke Ridge region is based off of West Virginia, not Tunguska. WV has quite the freaky, creepy history behind it, including ghosts, cryptids, UFOs and all manner of other things. The Native Americans once believed that the land in that area was cursed. . . .


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