Trump RDR2 – Dragic Fail – Calloway Crash

Ok, another string of weirdos to tend with.

Start by interviewing the bartender in Valentine to find out where Boy Calloway is, then help Eagle Flies rip off the Cornwall supervisor.

Since we’re in the area, we take a quick ride up to the Chelonian camp, north of Carmody Dell. Be sure you get the cult pamphlet in Saint Denis as Arthur! You can revisit the camp as John in the Epilogue if you do.

Unfortunately you have to save the creepy French dude and earn a bounty as you escape. He’s a terrible kisser!

Pay off your bounty, talk to Calloway, and find his old nemesis. Don’t forget to collect his revolver!

We finish up with Dragic the a-hole and his pet oil drum.

Trump RDR2 – Dragic Fail – Calloway Crash

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