Tutorial: How to download anything at full speed – Real Debrid

A tutorial about how to download stuff from (just about) all filehosters! and also a way to get torrents at full speed.

To sign up a free account go to;

All examples in this tutorial
used 100% legit files.
DIY Hack Jobs does not
encourage piracy and is
strictly against it..

Tutorial: How to download anything at full speed – Real Debrid

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Comment (10)

  1. I can't find anyone to answer this. How do I get the downloaded file from Real Debrid onto my android box in another room. I do NOT want to watch movies on my PC. Thanks!!

  2. For some reason, it's not authorizing my android box. It says it's fine to use, but the TV is stuck in the authorization screen. I hope I put the code in the right place. They are not clear with instructions.

  3. am new to this signed up with RD a few days ago , using genesis , i find very few RD links if any but wanother RD user is telling me that even if there are no links named RD , the links that appear are from RD ?? he says that without RD most of the non RD links just wouldent show ?? is he right.?

  4. I have started using it with Kodi and the add-on Salts works awesome but genesis I can't figure out? it has a user names and password for realdebrit but not sure what link they are.


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