Type 97 Chi Ha Ultimate Guide & Specializations – Battlefield 5 Pacific Theater New Tank Review [Part 2]

New Type 97 Chi Ha Tank Guide, Analysis, Impression, Specializations Part 1: M4 Sherman: Part 3: LVT/Ka Mi: …

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  1. I don't understand why I have to equip the Type 3 cannon to use the Type 5 cannon. It doesn't make sense! How does it work? Why equipping one type of cannon just to get it cancelled by the second type? pls halp me

  2. The amount of effort you put into your guide videos is amazing. Heard AKA ART talk about you in a video and came over immediately. Keep up the amazing videos, I'm steadily going through your older videos and building out my vehicles according to your suggested spec trees. Subbed!

  3. "57mm AT" Wait what, the 57mm was a low-velocity gun that used HE for infantry support, and was terrible for anti-tank combat. That's why Japan developed the Shinhoto turret upgrade to the Chi-Ha with a high-velocity 47mm anti-tank gun. Why the heck isn't that the default model anyway, the 57mm Chi-Ha would stand zero chance against a Sherman or even a Lee.
    I mean, ultimately it wouldn't matter too much since everyone's going to upgrade to the 120mm or the 75mm, but still!

  4. IRL, the Chi-Ha had a Type 97 57mm gun that had a velocity of 385 m/s.

    The Chi-Ha Kai had the new turret with the high velocity 47mm at 883m/s.

    The howitzer Chi-Ha is what was called the Chi-Ha Short Gun. It had the turret of a Chi-Ha Kai with a 120mm naval short gun that fired a high explosive shell at 290m/s.

    The Chi-Nu had a medium velocity Type 3 75mm at 668m/s.

    And the Chi-Nu Kai is actually a Chi-Nu II. The Chi-Nu Kai had the larger rounded turret of the Type 4 Chi-To. The Chi-Nu II is just the Chi-Nu with a Type II Model II 75mm gun, or commonly called a Type 5 gun. That gun had a Type 4 APHE shell that had a velocity of 865m/s.

  5. 2x this free weekend blueberries stole my tank at resupply. They wouldn't fix it. Then on one he appeared to leave, he actually hid and when i jumped out to repair station stole my tank. The Karma was little way down the road..kablewie on tank mines. Served him right. Kind of made the match for me seeing him blown up.

  6. i really like the 120 mm it kind of reminds me of the bf1 beta ft17 howitzer variant and the addition of the hull gun is a ver welcome addition
    i do have to angle shots a lot more and that slower firerate can be an issue with one on ones but that blast radius is perfection plus the slower projectile and reduced practicality at range really means i have to play the vehicle as a front line, playing the objective type


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