ULTIMATE $5000 Giveaway Custom Water Cooled Gaming PC Build – RTX i9 10900k CRAZY Time Lapse

ULTIMATE $5000 Giveaway Custom Water Cooled Gaming PC Build – RTX i9 10900k crazy Time Lapse. Today we have the ultimate $5000 giveaway custom …

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  1. Hey guys appreciate the support! One thing that helps us to do these giveaways is that you guys watch the whole video, it helps to promote the video and that means we get extra support to fund the next giveaway. I promise we will do a world wide giveaway very very soon so do your part and support the channel simply by watching the whole video. Appreciate the support and get ready for A WORLD WIDE GIVEAWAY!

  2. Request to IFR to consider me plzzz for next giveaway I just need one pc from this world… And this type of pc will work almost 10 years for me…. Nothing amazes my country poverty lvl and lack of technology 😞

  3. Awesome build by way❤️

    I got a question for people who like builds like this but can’t afford a 1 time payment. Do you recommend any websites that we can get a water cooled pc build for monthly payments?

  4. I don't have a pc and so winning this would be amazing but its nearly been a year since it came out and would need like every peripheral cause the ones we do have are like ten years old
    and i do live in australia

  5. petite question concernant la rtx 2070 msi armor 8gb et il possible de la faire passer en watercooling je me vois mal acheté une édition founders juste pour cela en tout cas super job comme toujours

  6. Not available for giveaway, kinda late anyway. That PC would be a great theme for my room and its my favorite color. Wish i could build that, but being poor hurts and young where i cant get a job. That PC would be lovely to have and game on. I have watched u for some time now, as i have no electric just charging my phone in a truck. Keep up the growth and near breathtaking builds.🙀👩‍💻


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