Understanding Movement in Battlefield V! – Battlefield 5 Movement Guide (PS4)

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is how and why do you move so smoothly / quickly when you play? In this video I hope to give you all some …

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  1. Avoid trying to do things you're going to want to do. if you want to avoid movement issues all together try standing completely still lmao. Love Bf5 and movement has improved since bf hardline but some things still need alot of work

  2. It's true. During the real war, soldiers often jumped when they rounded corners. Sure the Germans hated it because they thought it was unfair and dumb, but they could do it too.

  3. Hey Catalyst good video. I understand the fov. But put it very high, yes you see more on yours sides, but I feel that it is hard to see more foward. Enemies in front of you seems so small. And when they are crawling its worst. But I agree and understand well the point. So you, what is yours fov settings. 95? 90? 75?. Thanks . oh yes, we know that in bf5 the visibility is an issue, so to see people smaller….increase the issue?

  4. Great video as always,
    I would love you to make a proper in depth guide on cover and one on console aiming and practices because I cannot find proper guides on this on the internet and am sure that you can make a proper quality video guide.

  5. I personally didn't have much issues with BF1's default settings. The only settings i tweaked was the sensitivity and enlarged the HUD. I did eventually mess with the FOV setting, but the default wasn't that bad. In my opinion at least.


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