Utilizing Your Real Debrid

How I Use Real Debrid to Get Content For Viewing Through Real Debrid APK, or Realizer Add On. If a VOD APK doesn’t have something you are looking, this may help. I also use this method to build my Plex.

Utilizing Your Real Debrid

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  1. Ron , latley when i use real debrid , its not working right, rd hoosters links say no stream and the other links are torent rd links the go to rd cloud. I have no old links. Right now just about 99 percent of movies are like this, n9 more click rd and start watching.. What is wrong?

  2. I don't know what I did wrong but whenever im in Kodi and I choose a real debrid link, it takes forever for the movie or TV show to play. And more often than not, it doesn't even play. I have better luck playing non real debrid links

  3. I have real debrid. Do I need a vpn to view a torrent? More importantly do I need a vpn to download a torrent using real debrid? Don’t want to wake the isp provider. I remember using utorrent and I got a few infringement notices. Thanks

  4. hey ron whats the easiest way i can i download my content from real debrid to my external drive on my shield or to my plex> when i click download in real debrid it dosent ask where i want it ti go ,from either the apk or the web site

  5. hey ron when i sign in to realdebrid , i put login and password hit connection then on bottom of screen it says [ slow_down ] and nothing happens, what do you think is wrong . also i couldnt download apk from your filelinked says error has occurred connection refused

  6. I had no clue that you could use Real Debrid to accomplish so much! Amazing! Thank you! FYI…when you're searching on any webpage with a lot of text for certain text (like CMT) just use "ctrl + f" (as in Find) and a small box will appear, usually in the upper left-hand corner, into which you can enter the desired term, then click on the up/down arrows to move to the next/previous highlighted selection. Saves a lot of time. Thanks again!

  7. Ya, sorry about the misspelling of the show that distracted me a bit, but stick through it, there's some really good info in this video if you pay attention.


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