War in the Plaguelands: Reborn | Alexandros Mograine | Warcraft 3 Reforged

War in the Plaguelands: Reborn V1.21 is a sight to behold, the look and feel of the game is completely different than later versions up til the present V1.51. The last version by Waves_Blade before Akechi took over, the game carries the same style of course but with one large difference: GLOBAL EXP. Thank god that is no longer a trend in these maps. I play as purple, the carry faction of Alexandros Mograine and Fairbanks who plays with Yellow in the Eastern Plaguelands, controlling the Ashbringer to decimate armies of Undead. One striking difference in this version is you don’t start with Darion (???) and he is a back up for Alex dying, which I learned about halfway into the match. The game descended into chaos as the late game was crowded with reviveable-hero suiciding; I ended up the game with a maxed Darion, Castillian, Brannigan & Fairbanks. While War in the Plaguelands: Reborn V1.21 was fun, let’s keep global experience and reviving heroes dead.

GUESTS: Retep170, Sir_Leon, Modad, Carbo
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War in the Plaguelands: Reborn | Alexandros Mograine | Warcraft 3 Reforged

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  1. Awesome game Blade I have a suggestion. You should also try syndicate faction(Starting as Shadow Council) of LTF patch 0.60 it has a new subpath Argus Wake a warlock style faction of neutral renegades I think. I guess you'll enjoy it and us too😁😁!!


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