War in the Plaguelands Reborn: Andorhal's Scourge|Warcraft 3 Reforged (Gray / 12P)

The Scourge of Andorhal fight in the Western Plaguelands against the Scarlet Crusade of the Monastery and Hearthglen. Gray has a plethora of lockdown and AoE with their most powerful hero being Theolen Krastinov of the Scholomance. The western fight is difficult to the complexity of the matchup, Gray’s role typically involves dueling Dark Green and holding the Bulwark whilst locking down heroes when they can. This is the 12P version of War in the Plaguelands where takes on the frontline role instead of the Cauldrons as in the 24P. Watch the video to see how to play this faction! Learn more at my Twitch handle ‘BladeMasterRUSH’.

NOTE: Bit of an old game from April, straight outta the archive.
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War in the Plaguelands Reborn: Andorhal's Scourge|Warcraft 3 Reforged (Gray / 12P)

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