Warcraft 3: 2003 VS 2019 REBORN VS REFORGED – Comparison

The MOD looks way more Warcrafty to me.
Wait until you see my next video comparison, the difference in art and style is huge. Half of the models in Reforged don’t even look like the ones in Warcraft 3.

The mod is exactly how things should look.

P.s. Yep, many textures are taken from Heroes of the Storm (for the mod) and the question is… why didn’t BLizzard do the same?

Warcraft 3: 2003 VS 2019 REBORN VS REFORGED – Comparison

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Comment (12)

  1. hi,
    in my opinion reforged models are the best.. there are many other reasons make reforged weak (like graphics and gameplay) but the models are surly better..
    just reforged graphics are not suitable for the new models at all lol ^^

  2. Hey Starfals have you ever experienced crashing when playing the Orc Campaign Invasion of Kalimdor when I play the chapter 7 the oracle it always crashes when loading. I think its due to the Batrider model because I think they appear there, so i looked up a fix and updated the reborn. it worked well and i was able to play, then few days ago even with the batrider fix it still crashes. any idea how to fix this?


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