Warcraft 3 | Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn | Impossible BOSSES!

Playing a Warcraft 3 custom game Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn. The objective of the game is to defeat many strong bosses and collect their essence to transform into those respective bosses. You can win by killing 200 opponents (per team).

Additional Information
This game was played with wTc[Jedimaster].

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W3U Reddit►https://www.reddit.com/r/warcraft3/

Custom map download link:

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Introduction Song
Lil Peep & XTENTACION – Falling Down

Warcraft 3 Custom Maps Playlist

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Warcraft 3 | Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn | Impossible BOSSES!

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Comment (12)

  1. Man these names keep getting Crazier
    The next Angel Arena will now be dubbed as:
    Super Mega Ultra Epic Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn Legendary Ultimate Edition V9999

  2. both eclipse and spirit guardian can kill Armageddon, and Armageddon can kill malthael. doesnt take long at all to farm max lvl in ice once you have any of those heroes and good items (dont spawn malthael until you ready to fight him)

  3. Greetings! If you didn't saw, few a few days ago I answered this on your Custom Hero Survival video:
    "Yep :-).

    Edit: Forgot to tell, thing I like about You is putting some effort into the audience, keep it up man (y) (y). Also I am making some map, started, I think, yesterday, I have a little "free" time and some serious issues with map but this one is pretty tiny, I think I will finish it in a next few days so… if You would play it once in a vid I would be thankful."

    Well, I published the map, it's terrible but playable, if you would make one episode about it would be nice, I don't have bought WarCraft so I can't play with people, but you can :-D.

    Site published on: Hive Workshop
    Name: Evolution: The video game v1.40.

    Submitted by: InSaNe_97

    Edit: Also map you played in this vid is Wow, so much is going on and it looks good.

  4. I have tried multiple times with polar assasin equipped with 4 ulti excalibur and gods + armor. Didnt really work out, but if you just get armageddon lvl 15000 with the same items as listed above, you will kill him easily


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