Warcraft 3 | Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn | Lord of the Arena

Playing a Warcraft 3 custom game Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn. The objective of the game is to defeat many strong bosses and collect their essence to transform into those respective bosses. You can win by killing 200 opponents (per team).

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More updates equal another way to run the map properly. What did you think about this run?

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Intro: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Cinematic

Outro: Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne – Lich King Cinematic

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Warcraft 3 | Angel Arena Eclipse Reborn | Lord of the Arena

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  1. Oh my God this is my childhood. I love this. The heavy focus of items reminds me a lot of Hell vs Heaven, and I forgot whether Ulquiorra first appeared in the original Eclipse or not but I love having an Espada hanging around in a Christian afterlife themed map. i remember the first time around, Angel Pain had some ungodly powerful Disease Cloud effect on it, so you could poke Ulquiorra (or anybody else), die, come back later with him at 2 hp, win

  2. Please advise, if i'm going to play this map alone… how to make this ? i didnt found any mode to play alone, for example if i put the computers, they didnt appearing… and during DUEL there is no way to play further, because i'm alone


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