Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliance

Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliance
General Coil
Submitted by Tumostide
Link: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/general-coil.293419/

Created by TUMOSTIDE

Map Info

The battle of mount Hyjal ended with Night elfs victory and the world prosper again.
However, the dreadlords Varimathras, Detheroc and Tichondrius fled to Lordaeron in order to summon a new legion of undead.
But this act was nearly impossible because the humans already gather their forces leaded by Magroth the defender.
On his way to Lordaeron Tichondrius has desovered a powerful artifact benneath Nordrassil, which posses a great power.
Tichondrius used the artifact on a Death Knight, General Coil, making him the most powerful Death knights ever exist.
They were about to begin attack but a few settlements was destroyed by humans and Tichondrius and the others dreadlords went to solve the problem.
Tichondrius ordered Coil not to use his new powers yet, and to wait for their arrival, General Coil disobeyed his orders which drives Tichondrius mad…


New music
1 Cinematic, 1 Interlude, and 7 Chapters
New Skins/ Models
New spells

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Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 An Unexpected Alliance
Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 An Unexpected Alliances
General Coil 03 An Unexpected Alliance
General Coil 03 An Unexpected Alliances
Warcraft 3: General Coil 03
General Coil 03
An Unexpected Alliance
Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 An Unexpected Alliance s
Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliance
General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliance
Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliances
General Coil 03 – An Unexpected
General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliance
Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 – An Unexpected
General Coil
Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3: General Coil 03 – An Unexpected Alliance

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Comment (7)

  1. 0:26 Delivery Knight: Hey look there's one undead man. Lets get him man!
    General Coil: Come right at me. Finally a horse now I just call down summon possession on horse.
    Leader Necromancer: My lord you're alive!
    General Coil: Status report Necromancer?
    Leader Necromancer: While your gone. They humans find us have destroyed all our camps. We do not have enough forces to ready to fight. I'm afraid we have to retreat.
    General Coil: Then I really hate that man, Magroth. Is there must be away to destroy them!
    Leader Necromancer: Yes, we didn't have enough forces to. We're under attack!
    1:47 Eldin: We're not here to fight. We come in peace.
    Leader Necromancer: What is it you want?
    Eldin: I just want to talk speak to your leader.
    General Coil: Eldin what ate you doing here. Aren't you and your brethren supposed to be at Silvermoon?
    Eldin: Yes we are General Coil. I thought you need some help with the humans after all they are also my enemies and I didn't forget your help and own you my life.
    General Coil: Then welcome to help but are you sure want to do this?
    Eldin: Yes with this occasion my brethren and I will have revenge my people against human.
    General Coil: Very well then Eldin you will attack north we will take them by surprise.
    Eldin: I'm not good at tactics but we will succed. My brethren are now your Allies.
    General Coil: Eldin. I'm just want let you know that I'm not responsible for your brethren's life after all decided to join my in my quest to kill Magroth.
    Eldin Don't worry. We will crush them together.
    6:32 Magroth The Defender: Well well. Is it High Elves are traitor against us. Defend yourself men!
    1:29:23 General Coil: Eldin now I though that battle was a heavy defense he build his base and his men are the best the elites never thought it would be so tough.
    Eldin: Yes. You were right. That was tough.
    General Coil: Listen I have to tell you something it's very important.
    Eldin: Yes go on. Just tell me.
    General Coil: Look you see I did not trust you until now your people are now in danger because the one who stole my powers now intends to destroy your land.
    Eldin: What! Seriouly! You had to tell me from the beginning!
    General Coil: Claim your yourself Eldin. I'll help you as you did now I own you my life.
    Eldin: Then let's go we got to hurry to Silvermoon quick and fast. No time to waste!


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