Warcraft 3: Legends of Arkain (Second Human Book) Epilogue A – Zyainor Reborn + Better Ending

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Betrayed, invaded, defeated… the Humans of the Empire suffered greatly in their fight against the Demons. They have now lost another kingdom in the war against the Demons and the inner conflicts are just about to start. Only a strong hand and leadership can lead them to victory against these odds. Command the cruel General Gardon Bloodclaw and unite the estranged factions of the Empire by any means necessary. Withstand your enemies, both inside and outside, and face the horrifying Demons. The question is… how far are you willing to go for absolute victory? Will you have to sacrifice your humanity in order to achieve victory? Only time will tell.

The races of Arkain fight against the demon invaders, who try once again to enslave every being on Arkain. The Humans, the Orcs and the Undead will have to make a stand against them… or face complete annihilation or enslavement by the Demons. Legends of Arkain consists of an original plot where player choice can affect the storyline in ways both big and small!

Download it here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/second-human-book-of-arkain.277598

Warcraft 3: Legends of Arkain (Second Human Book) Epilogue A – Zyainor Reborn + Better Ending

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  1. We're not at the end of your playthrough of this campaign yet, but I still would like to thank you for your playthrough.
    It has been a joy to watch – yes, also the sadist within me is still there, don't you worry – and I will enjoy the rest as well – which you may or may not already have completed already at this point.

    The ending is not optional, I made a few mistakes towards the end, storywise I am aware of that, so I understand your disappointment regarding several story events – you already know this, I am repeating it here for everyone to read.
    The fact that I created a canonical timeline may seem surprising or for some even disappointing,

    And GOD FUCKING DAMNIT, I forgot to add that special Claire ending.

  2. In terms of slap in the face,Arkain had quite a few,other than Merlon dying like that.The most clear one would be Blen dying,like you think he was imprisoned cus he let Genethas stick around long enough,and you would think that after some time,they will realize that Blen actually did nothing wrong and made the correct choice.
    But nope,the golden guard doesn't care,he has to die cus he ,,is no longer needed"………..even tho he was the main character and the only really good guy.
    The undead just doing anything they want is just kinda….meh too.Like,we had powerful beings in warcraft 3,that wanted balance,but they were easily kept under control,and it's pretty rare we got a gotcha moment.
    That's Shar little inner sadist,I guess.With all those huuuuuge bases and the cruel story,but hey,he is the one making this,so it's his choice……kinda sounds like he is the god of a whole world,and he is using the undead,to keep the balance he wants,and as an excuse for a lot of stuff:D

  3. I loved this whole campaign, even with the narrative being a bit clunky towards the ending. What I think would really be cool if there was a map – even fan made, with Shar's seal of approval on it – before every mission, like the original w3 campaign, where you kinda see where things happen, where are the kingdoms, where is the Dead Mountain, where is the Purificator, where is the "empire continent" and so and and so forth. I don't think it's a must, obviously, but I for one would enjoy thins kind of detail, especially when you have a story so complex and there are so many places you need to connect the dots to.

    Anyway, GG Shar Dundred for the whole campaign, hope to see other works of your imagination in the future! Cheers!

  4. Why Gardon can't be in good relations with Kerrel (and also Salria and Rengar)? Well, you said it back in the days. Gardon will be Gardon. And betrayal of the Undead will probably make him even less trusting. These three kingdoms will be in much better fighting shape if they will be part of his Empire, right? I can almost hear Thanok, shedding his poison like: ''you know, back in the days Zyainor had all this territory under their thrall.'' If not Gardon then Vail will get ideas. Besides, there is still Mad Emperor over the Great Sea. And you need an Empire to fight an Empire.

  5. I like to imagine a situation where Claire purposefully stands to the side when Merlon dies only because he didn’t run a huge amount of troops into the Starfall meat grinder to get her a diamond 😂


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