Warcraft 3: Malfurion's Quest 03 – An Arch Druid Reborn (Part 1)

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMmfhvBzj4FBADG94QlR-sG_s6M90yjNa

Malfurion’s Quest is the fourth and final entry into Turnro’s series of Warcraft 3 custom campaigns telling the tale of an alternate timeline compared to vanilla Warcraft 3. Malfurion’s Quest will feature two separate story lines, with each providing different units, heroes, items, and much more. The campaign currently contains one complete story with the other path coming out in v2.0.

Download it here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/malfurions-quest-v1-4b.239052

Warcraft 3: Malfurion's Quest 03 – An Arch Druid Reborn (Part 1)

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  1. What I have against the ancients is that they didn't even bother persuading him to turn away from this dark path. Instead, they rejected Malfurion as an ally and made him the bad guy.
    "How dare you!!"

    Also, Turnro (no disrespect) could have given us a second chance to turn away from what would become a Highborne mission. If Malfurion willingly turned away, the Ancients would forgive him. If not, then they have every right to not fight beside him, as their brethren can become corrupted from magic like the kind Malfurion took up (by the player's choice).

  2. Since Malfurion claims that fountain powers are not of demonic origin and those leaves on interface turned red in corruption route, I think those fountains are actually related to Emerald Nightmare and ''inner voice'' is Old God convincing him to drink it. Because Emerald Nightmare in WoW is colored red as well, and Old Gods in original lore once manipulated Elemental spirits of Azeroth to their will and had Black Empire (Crystal Golem and fire spells). And Old Gods in original lore also have connection with queen Azshara who became Naga after their pact.

    That's just my assumption. Don't consider it as spoiler, because I personally didn't play this campaign.

  3. This! This is the moment Malfurion Stormrage become an arcane obsessed evil guy! The veery moment when Jay dropped… iron branch… Yes! You think consuming fountain energies means something? Pfff! Slaying fellow druids? Nothing! But dropping the iron branch… That is the way to the evil side…

    HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!


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