Warcraft III – Downloading WC3 Rebirth

Hey guys, what’s up! Today I will teach you how to download Warcraft 3 Rebirth, which is a texture changing « mod », or more like a texture pack.

Warcraft III Rebirth: https://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-rebirth/downloads/warcraft-rebirth-sixth-release

Warcraft III – Downloading WC3 Rebirth

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  1. Hey guys does anyone have a copy of WC3 1.31PTR? I'm trying out the rebirth mod but it does not work on versions 1.29 and below. I'd really appreciate if someone can hand me that, I really don't appreciate what reforge has done to custom games. And what's worse? They changed every installer out there that runs in battle.net into a reforge installer, even the PTR! That's why i'm looking for someone that has one installed.

  2. So I got a problem, buildings are showing just fine as well as the terrain, but the units are still the same, their portrait is fine, but their models aren't showing. Any idea how to fix it?
    I use version 1.26

  3. Hello! Thank you that short guide, it really worked 👍.
    But I have a problem with WC3 1.31 version; I cannot change the resolution, I tried using several commands (such as -nativefullscr) but they didn't work and I have black bars on both sides of the screen (both in the starting menu and in the game). Do you know how to deal with this problem?
    Btw. In the light of problems with Reforged version, the team behind the rebirth mod posted a new patch for their mod.


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