Warcraft III – Legends of Arkain (Second Human Book Epilogue A – Zyainor Reborn)

For now, it’s the end of Legends of Arkain Second Human Book. The orc book will be available as soon as Shar Dundred has released an official update, so that I don’t have to download several times.
About the first opener, it was just a test for Goplay Editor’s new features. I wasn’t aware about that until I checked the actual one. It was really disappointing, though.
As Shar Dundred says…
Betrayed, invaded, defeated…. The Humans of the Empire suffered greatly in their fight against the Demons. They have now lost another kingdom in the war against the Demons and the inner conflicts are just about to start. Only a strong hand and leadership can lead them to victory against these odds.
Command the cruel General Gardon Bloodclaw and unite the estranged factions of the Empire by any means necessary. Withstand your enemies, both inside and outside, and face the horrifying Demons.
The question is… how far are you willing to go for absolute victory? Will you have to sacrifice your humanity in order to achieve victory? Only time will tell.

Warcraft III – Legends of Arkain (Second Human Book Epilogue A – Zyainor Reborn)

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