Warcraft III: Reforged | Build Order | Undead | Fast Fiends

Build Order Starts: 0:40
Build Order Graphic:

— Quick Build Order —
Build Order: Crypt – Graveyard – Altar – 1st Ziggurat – Relic Shop – 2nd Ziggurat

— Written Reference Sheet (Taken from Graphic) —
5/10 – Train acolyte, 2 acolytes to gold, ghoul to wood, 3rd acolyte builds crypt then to send to gold.
7/10 – Graveyard
@155 gold – Move to build altar
@155 gold – 1st ziggurat
@Crypt finishes – 2nd ghoul
9/10 – Relic shop
@1st ziggurat finishes – Train Death Knight and 1st fiend
17/20 – 2nd ziggurat
17/20 – Train 2nd fiend
20/20 – DK finishes, buy Rod of Necromancy and use it in graveyard
20/30 – Train 3rd fiend
23/30 – Upgrade to Tier 2
23/30 – Train 4th fiend
26/30 – Optional: upgrade ziggurats
@Tier 2 finish – Lich and slaughterhouse

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Comment (23)

  1. Start Whit ghouls guys.. im a old player.. if u start Whit fiends and u get attacked by mêlee Ure done… Ghouls Frist fiends after.. after 5 units go T2 and Creep fast to lvl use DK hero and coil talents and aura..

  2. i main orc, undead has been really kickin my butt with this dk, lich, fiends, destroyer strat. so imma start to harass with BM early game, and get scroll of speed to trap fiends and when I get tier 2, ill get shadow hunter to use hex on fiends that are running away or hex death knight so dk cant heal fiends. any other advice klenzer? i liked your video


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