Warcraft III Reforged: Neutral Units (Forest Creeps+Female Satyr) Part 1 Comparison (2002 VS 2020)

Really cool models, however, I didn’t think a few things fit?

1.Ragnaros/Fire lord is really weird. It’s more fire than lava now, also that human-like skull.. hmm. He is an elemental that has nothing to do with humans or demons. Cool model nonetheless.

2. Pitlord is just a lizard-like alligator… there is a lot wrong with it. It’s not bad, but not the pit lord we all know.

3. Female Satyrs remind me of the Draenei from Wow too much. They look great, even beautiful. They are not supposed to be that pretty lol. They got corrupted by the demons after all. Also, Satyrs need to be way hairier. from what we have seen in Warcraft III and WoW.

P.s There are too many Neutral Creep Units for 1 single video so I will just make 1 video per zone/land. This one is the Ashanvale one.

« `Other comparison videos below« `

Burning Legion/Demons Video:

Undead Video:

Naga Video:

Orc Video:

All Units Video:

Night Elf Video:

Human Video:

Arthas Scourge Menu Screen Video:

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  1. They don't fit because they're NOT the heroes we all know, they're other units, that's not Ragnaros, nor Chen, nor Rexxar or Sylvanas, I suppose Blizzard attempted to make them be different than just a copy-paste of hero models from 2002


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