Warzone In Depth: AK47 Viability & Best Loadout

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Warzone new health settings cause a lot of weapons to kill faster than you might expect. But are these fast TTK weapons any good? Today we are taking a look at the AK47 to see if it is viable in Warzone. I hope you enjoy this Warzone AK47 best loadout.

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Comment (26)

  1. noo… im a solid AK fan since it was added into COD. honestly irons is the only way to go and IMHO the best iron sights of all the weapons. also from trying EVERY imaginable setup of AK in warzone i must say the 5.45 ammo is the best, i hate the 5.45 in any other game mode but its a must in Warzone. so far the best WZ set up is comp, merc grip, 5.45 ammo, skel stock, and i forgot the last one right now

  2. For Warzone the AK-47 is mainly a short to mid range weapon best paird with a DMR or sniper rifle. 5mW laser, no stock, stippled grip tape, 75 drum mag, and merc foregrip. While there is a control drawback (which I feel is negligible) the laser and foregrip give bonuses to hipfire accuracy plus the 75 round drum helps spraying down people and pushing when they try to back off for a reload.
    Or go Romanian barrel, no stock, 75 drum mags, tac laser, and your choice sight. This keeps everything the same as base AK with a boost to accuracy, range, and a minor bump to mobility. This is my preferred loadout.
    Second favorite is going max mobility with 8.1 compact barrel, tac laser, no stock, 75 drum mags, and stippled grip tape. This will require a DMR secondary like an SKS or EBR paired with it for those longer range engagements but is crazy good in cqc engagements.

  3. I run the romanian, monolithic, tac laser, stippled grip, and monocle reflex, great recoil control that can down 2 ppl if you can control it and space shots in between targets, I agree it's only viable in solo/duos

  4. Does no one do recoil control automatically so even the ak and mg34 and oden don’t have that much recoil and they rip? Everyone is super obsessed with not doing any work to give a low recoil lowkey. It’s super rewarding to get kills with the AK and Oden and Famas

  5. Ya know I love the AK it’s my most used gun besides AX50 in multiplayer and I am super used to the recoil, I haven’t given it much thought for warzone but I think I’m going to try it, I am in the minority in regard to liking the iron sights so I’ll give it a go and I’ll see if it shreds, gotta start finding alternatives anyway since the grau is about to get shat on


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