Warzone Top 5 BEST Assault Rifle LOADOUTS (Call of Duty Warzone Best Guns)

We take a look at the BEST Assault Rifle setups for Call of Duty Warzone, including the Ram-7, M4a1, M13 & Grau 5.56. These setups are designed to help give you tips to become a better Call of Duty Warzone player! What is your best loadout in Warzone?

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  1. I see people saying that he is playing against bots, The reason it seems like this is because YouTubers don't like to show boring and unexciting content of them losing games. They want viewers to be engaged and watch the gameplay while thinking that they are good or just pop off all the time. It might seem a little scummy at first but it is usually the best option for newer viewers.

  2. You say hit your headshots, yet I see you going full out body shot spamming people.
    You say, burst fire when you are far away from players, yet I see you holding down the trigger as if they were 3 meters away.
    What's going on here?


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