WATCH: Spectacular pre-dawn SpaceX rocket launch carries 4 astronauts to International Space Station

SpaceX on Friday successfully launched four astronauts en route to the international space station.

The Falcon 9 launched at 5:49 a.m ET Friday morning, from the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The crew is expected to reach the International Space Station Saturday at 5:10 a.m. ET.

Flying in the craft were Shane Kimbrough, Megan McArthur, Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide and Thomas Pesquet of France.

The astronauts are expected to spend six months conducting experiments and maintenance aboard the space station before returning to Earth, according to Reuters. They will join four other astronauts that are currently at the International Space Station that are due to return home on April 28.

Friday’s flight is the third launched into orbit under NASA’s public-private partnership with SpaceX, Reuters noted.

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WATCH: Spectacular pre-dawn SpaceX rocket launch carries 4 astronauts to International Space Station

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  1. And they even throw in the masks for the theater performance. How do people not realize this is all just a fraud. From the actor to the cgi earth its a scam but keep thinking its real you fools.

  2. Actual Commercial spaceflight is long overdue, this should have happened when the Space Shuttle was retired. I refer you all to Robert Heinlein's book "The Man who Sold the Moon" where commercial interests didn't wait for the Government. They finally got off their dead backside and did it! Now, we do not need the Government to mine the asteroids or space rocks to get raw materials for Earth 's needs Just think, we can someday get everything we want and need from the asteroid belt between Earth and Mars. We can have Moon Colonies, then later terraform Mars to suite our needs. The most important thing is to get man off this planet, spread humanity across the solar system so in case of an extinction level event hit our present home, we aren't extinct. We aren't going to be keeping all our "eggs in one basket". AND, we can do what we most have wanted to do for millennia, explore space! Just imagine the riches floating around in our Solar System that we can harvest! Billionaire would be nothing compared to the multi trillions bigger that all the Earth 's Countries budgets combined? Build a "beanstalk" that reaches into space – no more need for chemical rockets to get us off the surface of Earth. Ion drives that eliminate fuel storage, just collect the gasses that float around in space to fuel our propulsion systems for FREE! Move all nuclear power plants into space so that we will never have dangerous and shameful accidents like Three Mile Island, a Russian Chernobyl, or a Japanese Daichi disaster poisoning our oceans (and STILL poisoning the Pacific) worse than Chernobyl ever was. We still have to explore what is left of the Earth, but the Stars at night await us! We MUST go to them, no matter what the cost.

  3. So much controversial opinions on should so much money be spent on space while earth has it's own dramas. It remains a huge achievement! Apparently the research done is extremely valuable for humanity. I trust all will go well.

  4. Unbelievable that one man produced this space ship ..and has a car compagny etc.tec..Elon is the man they promised us in the 80s to help us …they said that earth would get help off a few man from out off space..Elon must be a hybrid ore something…anyway..wish I could have 5 minuts to talk about free energy device's like motor to motor with a flywheel.and drop them in every corner off the globe

  5. Never gets old, does it? Isn't it nice to see something – ANYTHING – in the news that doesn't have racism attached to the story? Look at that launch; now that's what I call global warming. 🙂

  6. Everyone should watch For All Mankind on Apple TV+ it’s a really good show!! But One of the Astronaut’s onboard of this rocket is sitting in the same cockpit air as her husband which was part of the first maned space x mission, which reminds me of that show and the finale of that show was when this had launched… 🙏 for thier success!!

  7. I wish the second camera with earth-side views (when the falcon-9 rocket departs with thanks and loves from the spacecraft going ahead) could have gone a bit lower into those beautiful whites and blues of the planet !

  8. NASASpaceflight has some amazing shots of the re-entry attitude adjustment rockets' plumes firing( lit up by the sun while still in the dark on the ground). Really quite beautiful. Worth checking them out because their cameras were the only ones that caught it from the ground.

  9. Hay algo extraño en la misión de hace 5 meses no veo vibracion alguna dentro d ela cabina??? el motor uno no se separa al mismo tiempo que la imagen dentro y al contrario cae todo el cohete a tierra


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