WCW: Debridement of Neuropathic Foot Ulcer

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WCW: Debridement of Neuropathic Foot Ulcer

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  1. My hubby just had one of these on his heal , he ended up loosing his heal bone and has been in hospital for 6 1/2 months up till now , and has to re-grow half his skin on the sole of his foot . No weight bearing for over 6 months and will be for some time to come , not good at all ..

  2. Bravo, Dr. Jeff! Exquisite debridement! At first I thought you weren't going to debride that little hot dog vermin sticking out from Ground Zero. Frustrated, I was about to shout "Robbery!" when suddenly…

    Alas! You satisfied my wart/corn/callous/wound defilement obsession by proceeding to violate that narsty little bloody worm poking its head out from the mucky depths of its hemoglobin wasteland. How dare you challenge Dr. Jeff!! (I could sense it was mocking you, Doc…is that why you beheaded it??)

    Anyway, thank you once again for displaying your skills sir. Has been quite entertaining!

  3. If I lived close to this practice, I’d try to get in there. Can you guys recommend some questions I can ask or phrases I can use when calling clinics to help weed out bad ones that will just waste my time?

    I have neuropathy from severe CRPS(RSD). It has been stupidly hard to find a podiatrist who will do the “diabetic” foot care for me because I’m young (33) and not diabetic. But after 16 years with CRPS, I have issues with that combo of thin skin and severe calluses, can’t feel if I cut myself doing foot care, my blood vessels and heart are effected so I get infections in both my feet and hands very easily. (Thankfully so far most infections have been in my hands which are in much better condition and in turn are easier to treat.) It’s driving me bonkers! I just want to see a podiatrist without being judged and bullied.

  4. Western medication can't do anything for diabetic ulcers.

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    it into cells through caveolae.

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  5. Not sure why this popped up for me to see. It's a year old but I'd loved to hear from the doctor regarding the condition of the ulcer at about 5:00. I would have expected to see a little more debridement there. I'd love to hear from you. Yes, I've been an RN for 30 years and have dabbled in wound care some. Thank you.

  6. People with neuropathy can easily avoid ulcers and other foot problems by inspecting their feet every evening before going to bed. It’s cheap and it avoids a lot of nastiness.

  7. I am puzzled why this patient's foot tendon problem had not been addressed before this ulcer had a chance to form. The great toe position looked particularly uncomfortable. Tendon contraction that is unaddressed and a wound progressing to bone is all so preventable. Being called late into the game must be frustrating. Thank you Dr, my best to the pt.

  8. I swear, when this doc stuck that q-tip up inside that wound and wiggled it around like that, I clenched so hard my ass cheeks raised me up about 3" off my seat!! I know he probably couldn't feel it, but I sure as hell did!!


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