WE FOUND A BIG BAG OF MONEY! | Grand Theft Auto 5

It’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Races! What would you do if you found a big bag of money?
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Gameplay Overview:
It’s Grand Theft Auto 5, need I say more? It’s online, multiplayer, racing, shooting, crashing, insane, out of control hilarious action. We do a lot of races but we also have some other gamemodes mixed in there too.
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Comment (40)

  1. I lost my wallet once and there were 3 £10 notes in it. My wallet was handed into the police station still containing 2 out of 3 notes so I was pretty pleased with that. Mostly glad to have it back.

  2. Well you should hand in stuff, but i've once found a wallet with like 20 euro in it but there was no identifying cards or anything in the wallet so i thought "well they aint ever gonna find the owner so i might as well just "nick" it" (granted i was young and poor at the time so i didn't think you could hand it in)

  3. I love how the second map is german and it uses issi classic which is basically a Trabant , a shitty east germany car which was made by russians and is probably the worst car in history of west automobile industy (yeah, i say west because russians made even worse shit for themselves)

  4. I found $20 on the floor of a restaurant. A waiter saw me and snatched it from me. She probably pocketed it herself on the pretense that it was part of the bill from the previous customers


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