What Happened to Dogecoin in 2021? | Ɖogecoin Price Surge Explained

EVERYTHING you NEED to know about the Dogecoin price surge of 2021 in 1 video. This video takes a look at what Dogecoin is exactly, and how it suddenly surged in price in july of 2021.

The #DogecoinTikTokChallenge hastag has been trending on twitter recently, why? Can #Dogecoin reach $1,00? Can you become a #Cryptocurrency millionaire by investing in Ɖogecoin in 2021? That is what this video will answer.

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What Happened to Dogecoin in 2021? | Ɖogecoin Price Surge Explained

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Comment (14)

  1. This cryptocurrency has a lot of attention just invest $100 and leave it there till it goes up I have 800,000 shares and I’m just gonna leave it there it’s going to go to the moon soon🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  2. Yo I like most of the vid, BUT can you quit calling it 'Dosh-coin' ? It's very obviously pronounced Dog-E-Coin. (Doggy-Coin)

    Also: just because one guy made a post that went viral and looked like a pump n dump DOES NOT mean that it's a pump n dump. If someone posted the same thing about Bitcoin and then BTC surged you would chalk it up to coincidence because of BTC's market cap. But since DOGE coin has such a low market cap this guy's vid created huge waves. That does not mean that he was directly involved in a scheme. It was more than likely chance. The probabilities are totally obvious?


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