What Happens If Arthur Finds The Carvings Before Meeting The Time Traveler In Red Dead Redemption 2?

What Happens If Arthur Finds The Carvings Before Meeting The Time Traveler In Red Dead Redemption 2?
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In today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video – We are going to find out what happens if Arthur find ALL of the Rock Carvings before meeting Francis Sinclair, the time traveler!

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What Happens If Arthur Finds The Carvings Before Meeting The Time Traveler In Red Dead Redemption 2?

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  1. How come i can’t knock on the door? I finished the mission, has anyone else had this problem? Do you have to be a certain way through the game to unlock that part? I received the invitation to return to the house

  2. If someone would help me I would be very grateful.

    I located all of the rock carvings before starting the mission. The problem now is that I can’t seem to send any of my rock carvings by mail.

  3. I know why they didn't put any in New Austin; cause you can't access it as Arthur, so that would mean it would be an epilogue quest, and it would be stupid to have this sort of a quest only available to gamers if they manage to finish the game.

  4. The thing is why did he need that last carving he already had it sketched and showed it to arthur ..i love this side quest and how we see his pieced together collection with him jumping through portals and how he met himself as an old man also he drew his head in stages at the top as a child then a young man and an old guy i just wish we got to see him open a portal and telling arthur something like toodles or peace out leaving arthur in a shock then he doodles something about sinclair being a time traveler

  5. While collecting the carving's locations, it occurred to me that many of their locations were too out of the way for the artist to have many appreciate their works. But with the conclusion that Francis is the time traveler, it now seems more likely that it was Francis's own mind that created the portal, but in the form of his drawings. When he past through the portal, his astral projection shattered his dream, scattering them across the area where he was a baby, in the form of the rock carvings. In his dream, he couldn't leave his home to search for his scattered portal, so he enlists the hero.

  6. When she said "A year ago before Francis is born", doesn't that mean Francis is born in 1899 yet his slangs are from the 1920s, so he somehow went back to 1899 yet the mother is not weirded out by the sketches and papers on the walls

  7. Maybe francis Sinclairs father's really great granfather is hamish sinclair and francis father time traveled and francis follow him but his father altered reality to where francis was born in 1899 instead of i am gussing 1939 but the woman who his father fell in love with didn't exist when francis time traveled to find his dad who left his timeline without francis and francis went with him and his father became 20 but died of lumona or tb and francis found his grave needed to find the rock carvings to find the device that brought him to 1899 and that brought his father to 1899 but when francis whent back to 1939. But t he woman his father fell in love with existed but instead of francis being born in 1939 he was born in 1899 and his 1939 self didn't exist but the baby francis had 1939 adult francis's memory and followed them when he was a adult so 1939 francis did not exist and so did his father so they both did not exist in 1939 but instead in 1899

  8. The Rock Statue makes you travel time because notice the woman and baby are gone after you go back inside ,so obviously Francis giving you the Rock Statue and you going to the cabin to meet him as an infant is Francis giving you proof that he isn't "JAZZED".


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