What Happens To Marko Dragic in RDR2? Discovering the FATE of Marko Dragic and His Robot! (RDR2)

What Happens To Marko Dragic in RDR2? Discovering the FATE of Marko Dragic and His Robot! (RDR2) SUBSCRIBE and DROP A LIKE! In this video I show you what happens to Marko Dragic in Red Dead Redemption 2. That’s right. Marko Dragic is a really cool dude in RDR2 and we are discovering the fate of Marko Dragic in RDR2!

What Happens To Marko Dragic in Red Dead 2?
Part I
Marko Dragic is seen hanging around a park in west part of Saint Denis and is placing something in the pond. He tell Arthur that he is a professor and inventor.He wants to demonstrate his new remote-controlled gear to some potential investors. His investor Mr. Marcelle appears with a couple of his lady friends. A stranger appears out of nowhere and calls Dragic a fraud and mocks Marko. Marko tells Mr. Marcelle that man does not know that man and that the man is a liar. As Marko is about to demonstrate the remote-controlled gear, Mr. Marcelle starts to doubt Marko and tells him to let Arthur use it to make sure that Dragic is not tricking him. Marko tells Arthur how to use the controls. Arthur will take control of remote-controlled submarine and will have to fire torpedoes at four model warships, while avoiding the mines. After sinking the boats, Mr. Marcelle will be impressed with this type of technology and willing to talk to Dragic about investing in the technology. Dragic thanks Arthur for helping him and to visit his lab in Doverhill.

Part II
When Arthur arrives at Marko’s lab in Doverhill, Marko is seen exhausted and he asks Arthur to help him set up electrical conductors outside of the lab. After setting, them up he will tell Arthur to turn on his power relay outside of the lab. He will reveal to Arthur that he created a robot. The electricity will enter the robot and the robot will spring to life ,but lose power. Marko is happy that his creation came to life and happy that he finally achieved something in his life. Arthur will leave him alone.

Part III
Arthur can visit Marko’s lab, but is unfortunately Marko is found dead and the robot has disappeared. Arthur can find a piece of paper that is a note about the robot and the electric lantern. The Robot can be found near Colter and foot prints are seen. The robot is seen siting on the peak of a mountain and will be heard saying « Papa ».

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What Happens To Marko Dragic in RDR2? Discovering the FATE of Marko Dragic and His Robot! (RDR2)

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  1. I remember seeing this in game for the first time. I forgot about Dragic and went back to Doverhill as John Marston. When I ran and slammed through the doors I wasn't expecting them to open, but when I did, I heard the creepiest music in the game and it locked right onto his corpse. Easily the most terrifying event in the game for me.


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