What Robinhood Just Released About Shiba Inu Coin & Why SHIB Will Hit $0.50

What Robinhood Just Released About Shiba Inu Coin & Why SHIB Will Hit $0.50

Shiba Inu is reported as the most viewed coin by coin market caps; with every passing day, the coin has been giving promising speculations on its price action. The Shib token has entered into the bullish market period, probably strategizing to run on its next breakout. Launched in August 2021, with over 35,000% in terms of its price, the Shiba Inu coin has made a statement premiere and continues to attract investors from around the world. The Shiba token took its inspiration from the meme currency Dogecoin, post which it’s founded, a pseudonymous personality named Ryoshi, has named Shiba Inu coin as the “Dogecoin Killer,” supporting its claims of outpacing Dogecoin in a small amount of time, with no centralized team, no direct funding and no direct leadership. This token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain, focusing on becoming a community-driven coin.

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What Robinhood Just Released About Shiba Inu Coin & Why SHIB Will Hit $0.50

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Comment (42)

  1. Robinhood hasn't released a single damn thing about Shib. Stop making click bait bullshit and regurgitating the same crap. If you have no real news then stop talking, jesus.

  2. Shiba inu coin has the best potential to become a champion token in the rewarding system in the retail market and donations token for charities. It can be promoted as a crypto rewarding token with travel and tourism agencies , Airlines, cruise ships , hotels and restaurants, supermarkets such as ASDA UK , Walmart, Sports retailers like Decathlon, sports direct etc , also with Amazon, EBay , Google,IPhone app store , banks , fuel retailers such as Shell etc . people who make a specific amount in purchase in designated retail sector can earn 10-1000 shib coin in rewards
    in NGO charity sector , it can be promoted among red cross , British heart foundation, age UK and similar organisations in other countries , UNICEF and others . people can donate their shiba token to these organisations . take this message to shiba Army and promote this idea . So that shiba will become one of the best social crypto on the market , and will sertfke its value between 01-1 dollars as the time goes on

  3. Altcoin ready to explode – AdultNFTFinder (ANFT/BNB) Blockchain security for billion dollar industry deflationary token. Get in early……… be the whale! less than 200 holders

  4. Check out PinkPanda coin!! Amazing project with super potential. The owners fully exposed their identity’s and the coin passed its first Audit and already came out with a mobile app! Just launched recently and plan to use 5x leveraged trading. Join the telegram community super helpful and friendly !

  5. Buterin said he only took the Shiba Inu because they were given to him for free by the creators, and he got rid of them when he found out they were using the fact that he was holding coins to get people to buy their coin. It is safe to say that he really doesn't give two shits about shiba inu.

  6. First, I believe in Shib. I have a lot invested – nearly US$20k! – but, lets stop the click bait. Robinhood has no announcement out, it is JUST A PETITION, and it hasn't even been given to Robinhood yet!!!

    All you're doing is hurting the brand when people realize the channel named Shiba Inu Coin lied to them. Knock this shit off.

  7. Just hodl what you currently have, take it as an invest for the future (a year/years it might go $.1 or $0.01)…Dont expect too much that it will happen too soon..Bitcoin took years to gain big…trees don’t bear fruit overnight 😂 it’s ok to be positive but be realistic, so you wont get frustrated if it wont happen soon. Remind yourself that at the end of the day, these vloggers riding the hype of crypto especially Shiba, their goal is to get views/likes for their content for youtube monetisation. That’s a $$$ for them…😂😂😂😂😂😂 while we’re waiting for a big payday (hopefully!), they’re getting the real pay from youtube.

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