What The Hell Happened To Cyberpunk 2077?

There’s no denying that the Cyberpunk 2077 that CD Projekt RED actually released isn’t the game that it spent so long hyping up, one that was promised to have a “much, much deeper role-playing experience” than The Witcher 3 while also serving as a “benchmark” for the industry.

Maybe someday we’ll get the full story on what happened or even a massive overhaul to the game that adds all of the most-requested features and then some. Maybe someday it will actually « look amazing » on previous-gen consoles. Time will ultimately tell but for now, the developer’s woes are only just beginning.

What The Hell Happened To Cyberpunk 2077?

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  1. I only see hatred … Nobody remembers or maybe even knows that this is only the 2nd game of this studio. Because I count the Witcher's trilogy as one game. I absolutely do not compare to Ubisoft, Rocstar or other big ones on the market, but will someone show me another such producer? They made some mistakes, but still released the best game ever for me. And thanks to all those "experts" who shout bugs, bugs, bugs, we may not see any of their production anymore … Because they give you a pearl and you complain that it is stained with sand ….. But if you born as troll you die as troll. Rockstar?? 3 h in gta 5 and left this game… Here 100 h and growing up.

  2. We already know what happened.
    Their employees have complained about the management not knowing enough about development, only caring for profit and not setting realistic time frames for years now!
    They were so set on "the fiscal year" and making holiday sales, that they just fucked everyone, including themselves, up the ass.
    I would've preferred it if they spent 1-2 more years on it, and a Re-Release would've been welcome under scrutiny. But after this shoddy release it's a bit too late 🤷🏽‍♀️
    Patches won't save the rep, and I'll either never buy the game or only buy it in heavy discount after they've actually completed the game.

    I can't believe they were allowed to sell it in the first place.

  3. Tbh man. If you care about a game looking it’s absolute best your already on pc. Obviously us console players don’t care about that but we absolutely care about the game being playable.

  4. Remember the trailer about life choices and how it will affect your entire game? Guess what, it only changes the first 15 minutes of the game.

    Remember the trailer about the most vibrant, immersive world like never seen before? Guess what, there isn't even traffic AI, NPC's on the street don't know what to do, there is not a single thing to interact with in the city. There are not car chases because there is no driving AI. The cops spawn behind you, because they don't know how to drive and can't actually arrive at the scene. Cars keep popping in and out as you rotate your head.

    Remember how Night City was supposed to be smaller, but because of it's verticality the possibilities would be huge? Guess what, there are a handful of towers which have 2 to 3 floors.

    Remember that trailer about style, how there are 4 different clothing styles and how these will affect your game, who you are? Your cyberware, your tattoos, the guns? Guess what. There is 0 customization and you can't even get a haircut, tattoo or see the affect of cyber mods on your character.

    Remember that trailer about the cars, their style, their purpose? Guess what. None of it really matters because the driving is absolutely insane, cars are completely random and meaningless (why is Night City full of trucks without trailers?).

    I can keep going on like that, but none of the promises are real and it's overall a terrible game. Advertised as the most immersive world to date, it lacks basic NPC AI which games like GTA3 and Mafia had (these games are almost 20 years old). Litteraly every open world game in the last 20 years has had traffic AI, NPC's reacting to the player, random things to interact with.. but Cyberpunk doesn't have any of that.

    As long as you follow the main story and ignore the stupid AI, the game is ok. But get off the main quest and you begin to realize what a disaster this game is.(Metacritic)

  5. I hate to say this but the main story arch…just really sucks.,..half the game you get hijacked by keaneau reeves I mean hes so elite of a persona he doesnt make characters the characters are just him with differant names…and ya im a fanboy lol… id rather it was to help him become real again to escape…hell i could have written a way better main story chain than this pile of garbage…rule number one dont make an rpg that gets hijacked by story arch.. its blasphemy…and it trashes replayabiliaty

  6. Im honestly incredibly disappointed. The amount of cut content is just depressing. Near the end game you basically have nothing to do. I pray that they somehow fix this game. maybe modders will. I already finished it and im only 70 hours in. I expected wayy more content. Seriously you can just run around and mot be able to find enemies ir anything to do in general.

  7. I remember great polish games CHROME, PAINKILLER, DYING LIGHT, yes THE WITCHER too, but not completely – in fact it's a bugged mediocre (THE WITCHER). Not to mention games for Commodore or Amiga.

    But what they've done now is embarrassing. I am ashamed of them for the whole world: /
    However, Cyberpunk died a long time ago, nobody plays the paper game anymore 🙁

  8. Everyone is gonna call me a boomer or whatever, but I just haven't had fun with games since PS3, apart from a very few, games are just about looks now, even open world games are so linear, boring and shit, gimme a boomer shooter or 2d platformer any day cos skill is required, difficulty ramps up, rather than just controlling a movie or walking aimlessly in open world's doing fetch quests. Unpopular opinion probs but oh well fuck yoouuuuu

  9. A game made by a team of 500+, taking 9 years to make and; A game that took 8 years, with a devolvement team of 1,000+ across several studios… Which one made Cyberpunk 2077 and which one made RDR2?

  10. I think they spent most of their time and money getting Keanu Reeves to play his part. Like, how can this game be taken seriously? I cant even load the game up, without a message saying I have corrupted save files…? Like what? Also each life path literally only has a 20 minute difference in gameplay


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