Winter Queen Births Ysera Cinematic – Full Story & Cutscenes [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Lore]

Winter Queen births Ysera. All Cutscenes. We arrive in Ardenweald to deliver the Primus’ warning to the Winter Queen. She ditches us. Later we nurse a Wildseed, which turns out to be carrying Ysera’s soul. We relive the events of her Death in Legion & Rebirth in Shadowlands. That music.

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Of course I added the music in the background silly. I thought this was like a given by now!
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Winter Queen Births Ysera Cinematic – Full Story & Cutscenes [World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Lore]

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    Hiya Folks! I’m sure most of you have seen it by now, but 4 days later, we finally made it!

    That moment the music hits, as Ysera is literally reborn like a dragon coming out of its egg, is beautiful. Always glad to hear my favorite soundtrack from Cataclysm.
    The first few minutes sum up Ysera’s revival. Afterwards you can choose to stay for the full lore/cutscenes or not.
    Take care, and I’m very thankful for your support all these years!

  2. me being a dk looking at the winter queen saying yseras a pet" ok old ass sit down im gonna tell you that youre just a bitch ass ysera saved the world what did you do in her absence? Nothing!!!!!!"

  3. I have not played the last few years but have been trying to keep up with cinematics, well major ones. I saw this today and was so happy. Please lmk if it is true. It was sad having so few original head dragons left.

  4. Elune has a lot to be grateful when it comes Ysera. Ysera helped save and blessed her "chosen people" (the Night Elves) and she saved and raised her son, Cenarius. A lot of people seem to be confusing Elune's gratitude with some sort of deeper connection. Eonar empowered and reshaped Ysera and charged her with protecting Azeroth through the Emerald Dream. Therefore, Ysera serves Eonar, making her Eonar's "pet". The Winter Queen's words are a clear reference to Eonar, not Elune. I think Eonar and the Winter Queen are two sides of the same coin, together they represent the full cycle of life, with the Winter Queen representing the stage between death and rebirth. Winter in the Shadowlands is used to represent the time the soul spends in Ardenweald recovering before it is returned to the world of the living through rebirth.

    It's also worth noting that Eonar's blessing to Ysera and Alexstrasza sort of mirrors her relation to her sister, the Winter Queen. Both protect life at different stages and in different realms, much like what she did with Ysera and Alexstrasza. Eonar granted each sister a portion of her power, that while essentially doing the same/complementing things, would be done through different realms, causing the sisters to spend most of their lifetimes separated in order to fulfill their duty. I suspect the story between Eonar and the Winter Queen might be similar. I wouldn't be surprised if there's even a bit of resentment with the way the cards were dealt. Given the way the Winter Queen speaks of her sister, there might be a bit of sibling rivalry or bitterness.

  5. I legit bawled like a baby when this cinematic played. I'm a huge Druid fan and Ysera is my favorite WoW character, it pained me so much to see her pass on in Legion, and the moment I heard snippets of Nightsong play (the song that played when Ysera was saved by Elune in her death) at the Hibernal Hollow, I knew immediately it was Ysera.

  6. Here is what I want to know….if Ysera is back and now in service to in the BLUE HELL are there ANY problems in that area anymore? She's is a bloody DRAGON ASPECT!!! Powerful enough to fight entire ARMIES on Azeroth and not flinch one bit!!! Aside from only a few enemies in all of Ardenweald, what could possibly stand up to her?

  7. Ysera death and Resurrection is the only videos in the whole Warcraft universe that made tears run out of my eyes …… really epic !!!!!! Words are few for this part of Warcraft story.

  8. Ysera has from the beginning was my favorite of the aspects and when i saw her die in legion i legit shed some tears, and now she's come back makes me so happy to see The Mother of Dreams again.


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