Wolcen Release Gameplay – Enemies Archetypes

Let’s talk about Wolcen’s creatures this time! Check our latest news as well:

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  1. How long as this game been in development by now? These videos are very amateurish and they seem to be showcasing completely basic features like this is a mandatory video they had to make for their game dev class. Obviously, there's a lot of work to even get a game to this stage, but everything they're showcasing seems so incredibly dull and just.. mediocre.

  2. @phony i agree with this boy!!! Supports / Devs i dont know staff of Wolcen!!! Dont mess this up!!! things dont come so easy i know you need money but…first get a name a good name…after this you can think on money…you messed up on Umbra Project so dont do same on Wolcen! it's have so much potential…work hard to get a name then money will come…but instead you will go with wrong way and fuck this game up like all the devs and administrator doing in nowa days…

  3. it looks decent, but it needs better animations for stronger skills and good looking armours, look at lost ark for example, also there need to be some variance in colors between monsters and environment, other than that the game looks challenging


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