Wolfenstein Youngblood – Ray Tracing/VRS/DLSS in id Tech 6 – A Next-Gen Features Showcase?

id Tech 6 – a properly impressive, performant engine gets a ray tracing upgrade, along with the most impressive DLSS support we’ve seen yet *and* VRS (variable rate shading). It’s a showcase of the kind of features we expect to see from the next-gen console, but what kind of results does it deliver here? And just how fast is it?

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  1. Can anyone please answer… Am I CPU bound playing this with 17ms cpu time and 6ms gpu time ? i7700k and a rtx2080 super. I watched this video and can assume this is the case. Its not installed on the SSD, I wasnt sure if stutters where from I/O loading. I see the CPU in the RED intermittingly even at 1440p with DLSS and Raytracing while the GPU is Green all day long. Thank You, its frustrating me at the moment. i9900k would fix this problem I think ?

  2. do VRS is on developer side to put an effort stuff it in to the game ? if it is then those lazy company which relay on gamework/ansel would never invest in hiring programmer for this feature.

  3. Holy shit I had completely given up on DLSS being used as an exceptable upscaling option, but after watching this I'm really impressed. The DLSS quality image appear sharper then the native 4k image and that is mind blowing. I though metro exodus was the best DLSS could do and I wasn't that impressed with it. Now I"m really excited to see where this technology goes and I'm happy that this feature on my RTX card doesn't seem to be just a gimmick anymore.

  4. Nvidia: Hey guys, here's hardware accelerated real time ray tracing. A technique that takes days to render a few frames on a £40,000 pc for Hollywood movies, now available at 60fps+ in real time with a £250 gpu.

    AMD fanboys: Haha, wet puddles, what a gimmick

    Nvidia: Actually, ray tracing affects lighting, global illumination, reflections, physics based objects, audio (COD MW), AI etc etc. Its not just for reflections. Go check out some games like COD, Control, Metro Exodus, or SOTTR.

    AMD fanboys: Haha, puddly puddles.


    AMDs Dr Lisa: Hey, we have hardware accelerated ray tracing incoming

    AMD fanboys: OMFG Haha, F*** nvidia, we're leading the scene with this amazing technique called Ray tracing. Omg, it will change everything. Wow, it's so advanced omgomgomgpmgomgomomhomg.

    Nvidia: Yeah, we tried to tell you


    Nvidia: Here's DLSS

    AMD fanboys: Haha, vaseline

    Nvidia: Give us a little time. It's a brand new technique, and our machine is learning 24/7 to improve as we also teach it better techniques over time.

    AMD: Lol, oil painting


    Also DF: A $300 gpu can hit 60fps+ with 4k dlss which looks better than native 4k with uber settings and ray tracing set to epic.

    AMD: :0

    Nvidia: 😀

    Also nvidia: Our next driver update will enhance the quality of DLSS even more and provide another 15% boost in framerates.

    AMD fanboys: X0

  5. Will DLSS become available in every upcoming title and every title still receiving official support? It seems so much needed for this graphic cards struggling to get 60 fps in recent games (2016- present). As this is further developed, it would be great to see it hugely enhancing gaming at 1080 (since 4k Resolution is out of any possibility for most of the ppl right now).


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