Word War 3 on Intel Core i9 10900K – GTX 1070 – Frametimes (1080P Ultra Setting)

World War 3 gameplay on following system:

Intel Core i9 10900K @ 5GHz
16GB GSkill @ 4133 C17
EVGA 1070 FTW @ 2.1GHz

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  1. perfect game same setup, but I play at 4K, could you do a test in 4K? I'm getting i9 9900K soon, I'm upgrading for i5 3470, it'll be major upgrade for me I'm so excited

    atm I can run some games at 4K like Forza Horizon 4 on ultra 4k 60fps surprising with that cpu, but for cpu games (unreal engine games) I can't run it that high


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