WOW! Rockstar Reveals The NEW Version Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be MISSING This HUGE Feature!

WOW! Rockstar Reveals The NEW Version Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be MISSING This HUGE Feature! ▻Cheap GTA 5 Shark Cards & More Games: …

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  1. MRbossTFW do you think Rockstar will bring story missions into rdr2 online or do you think rockstar covered everything with the 2 marshal davis missions and mrs leclerc and horley and swamaon finch because you only get 4 missions with swanson fitch 2 in the beta along with the first 8 mission and 5 new missions in the spring update and plus you do the 2 new missions with mrs leclerc and horley with her revenge, with teddy browns brother in law and the two new missions swanson fitch with bank job ,

  2. I’m so glad I played 5 hours of this game (including online) on console (PS4) when it was new got overwhelmed and stopped playing it. Now I built a top notch PC and can’t wait to dive in!

  3. Since I am not interested in RDR Online, I hope there will be a modding kit for single player mode. A modding kit which allows the modders to create their very own stories within the Red Dead Universe. Same thing with Gothic 2 Modding.

  4. If Rockstar had said a year ago the game would come to pc eventually then I could have chosen the platform I wanted my character to be on… They kept us all in the dark and despite being a pc gamer I would never buy on pc after investing all my time and effort on Xbox character.. GTAV allowed this feature briefly.. Cheap tricks Rockstar..

  5. This really pisst me off.. I played so many hours for nothing and waited so many months that I can play this game on pc with my character.. Thank you fucking glitcher for ruining.
    Rockstar Games have confirmed via Polygon that you won’t be able to transfer your Red Dead Online progression from Console to PC edition along with no Cross-platform play.

    Rockstar Games haven’t yet given a valid reason on why such a simple feature won’t be coming to the game, (more than likely due to all the people who abuse money and gold glitches). Every single player will have to start from Level 1 again. It’s not ideal but it’s not the first company to make that decision and it sure won’t be the last.
    They also confirmed that all future updates for Red Dead Online will be available at the same time. Therewon’t be any timed exclusivity updates.


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