WOW TCG Reborn – Into the Mists set – MPC order unboxing.

Into the Mists is the first set of Block 8 / Mists of Pandaria Block, Fan set released the 2nd of July, 2021.

Design Your Own Game Cards (63.5 X 88.9mm)
Playing Cards
2.5″X3.5″ (63.5×89mm) (396 Cards)
Card Stock: (S33) Superior Smooth
Card Finishing: MPC Game Card Finish
Packaging: Shrink-Wrapped

WOW TCG Reborn – Into the Mists set – MPC order unboxing.

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Comment (11)

  1. It makes me happy knowing it has love still. It had such potential to be up there with the other top tcgs. Only game I went ham for. Then hearthstone killed it

  2. Incredible! They look great..! Thank you very much for the info on how to print those. I'm a player & collector of WoW TCG, I'm so happy wowtcgreborn are doing new cards. I'll be sure to look into getting those myself. 🙂

  3. I just found out about WoWTCG reborn and i see these are block 8! went to their page but can't find the previous blocks, do you know where can i find those?

  4. Did Mpc show "low resolution" when you uploaded the images? I downloaded the images from Wowtcgreborn. And did you make all 4 sets at once or had to choose 396 amount and then do that 4 times? Any help would be great!


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