Xbox Series X Texture Compression Tech Detailed | Nvidia Updates DLSS With Incredible Results

The « secret weapon » for the Xbox Series X has been revealed and detailed, and it’s a special type of texture compression for games…. We also have comments …

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  1. Quick tech talk: 32 CUs @ 2.1 GHz more EFFICIENT than 52 @ 1.8 Ghz

    The way I see it is, it will ALWAYS-DEPEND-ON-THE-GAME.

    XSX – better ray tracing and realistic environments on smaller scale games

    PS5 – incredibly detailed open worlds, also thanks to the SSD every sadboy is downplaying. Lesson's over kids

  2. I still don't get why ps5 is wasting money on that fast ssd, load times are hardly different from a cheap sata… its 100times lower still than gddr6 memory for virtual memory uses…

  3. AMD need to off their whole marketing team asap. wtf was this all-chrome-techdemo from 2000's??? just look at Nvidia. they use real games with their newest gimmick every single time, think normies ever find out it ran with 4 quaddro cards and will never ever look remotely the same? hell no, they eat it up and ask for more.
    whats so hard just go copy that as a start and use only game from that point on???

  4. Xbox can have the other fixtures but if it has no DLSS it will struggle in running retracing in 4k VRS and Mesh shading wont cut it neither unless they will use dynamic resolutions but in the end it will depend on developers.

  5. remember that the Series X will have no real exclusives for two years at least since all first party games have to play on the Xbox One VHS…… and then in two years the games will still come out on PC. I will upgrade my PC instead and buy a PS5 for all the third party console games and Sony first party. I guess Microsoft is happy with becoming the Netflix of gaming.

  6. Very happy for all the MS junkies that they finally have the better performing console after losing ground to the PS3 by the end of that cycle, then having such a shit one this cycle.

    I'd definitely buy it – if I didn't already have a PC and a PS4 game collection. PS5 for me, which might sound like I'm disappointed but I'm not really, its got enough cool stuff for me to be content.

    Can't wait to see the head to heads on eurogamer, very exciting.

  7. Im a diehard sony fan! All i can say is Mark fucked up big time. MS fired the last guy in charge of xbox cause he fucked up. I think Mark need to go. He's to passive aggressive. Give us ps fans POWER

  8. The way Cerney described Kraken was that it was going to be the "default" compression option this gen, now if Microsoft is going a different route i suppose it could be used by 1at party studies…..but I seriously doubt any 3rd party devs will be using it.


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