You really want to take this shotgun in Battlefield 2042!

The best shotgun in the game? What do you think?

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You really want to take this shotgun in Battlefield 2042!

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Comment (23)

  1. As someone who plays this gun 95% of the time on Metro, I love it, everyone hates it and I love that. I somehow only have 500h on BF4 (seem like i played for 1000h atleast) and my top gun is the 870 with 10k kills and the next behind that is the rpk-12 with 1k kills. Love the salt from people 😀 All you need is a 870 with buck and a full choke no scope and nooo laser!

  2. Never understood why people bitch about shotguns. They are only good in close quarters as intented. Why don't people have a problem with Assault rifles? They are amazing in every range except extreme long ranges. But no, of course my AR should be able to dominate in CQB. What, a shotgun being only good in CQB? That's OP and should be nerfed to the ground.

  3. what server is this? every server I join, I get 360 no scoped from across the map. Proceeded by being T-bagged by half the team while getting spammed EZ in chat. lol.. GG on the video though.


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